Creating Characters

My Saturday afternoon was spent in a sunny room with a lovely bunch of women, creating characters.


They started by choosing an object and exploring it with some drawing exercises.


Then they each picked a name and a characteristic out of a hat and started to combine these with elements of their drawings to sketch out some ideas.

P1000797 P1000789

Alot of fun was then had developing their creations by collaging and colouring.


I rather fell in love with Barbara the melancholy sea horse!

P1000791 P1000786

The last task was to find a background for the characters to call home.


This week I have…


Done a pile of scale drawings…


Searched for the perfect Victorian chairs…


Found a matching set, and then found 20 metres of matching fabric to upholster everything else in a bargain basement for £2.50 a metre!


Tried to keep up with this little speed demon…


Snipped a spot of papercutting…


Whilst my little assistant created sculptures with my offcuts…


And most importantly, I kissed these beautiful cheeks, alot.




What do you do when you have a to-do list the length of your arm? You doodle some snowdrops of course! Or is it just me?

Drawing at last

Red Riding Hood in the forest illustration Robyn Wilson-Owen

I’ve always drawn. Im a designer, it’s a major part of what I do. But drawing has always just been a part of my process, never the end product. I always felt I had to do something extra in order to make my  images worth of public consumption, I wasn’t a ‘proper’ artist you see.

I built my images into stage sets and costumes, I stitched them into puppets and dolls, I cut them into papercuts, but just drawing them was way too scary to contemplate.

Recently though I’ve finally found the courage to just draw, and I adore it. Making pictures to tell stories is so much fun, and it turns out that other people seem to enjoy looking at them, which is the icing on the cake.

Going through all those other processes was worth it though, I feel very secure in my own personal visual language now, and that’s because my drawings are based on my sets and my costumes and my puppets and dolls and papercuts, all those things are there, they were all part of the journey. The illustration with this post isn’t a drawing of Red Riding Hood, it’s a drawing of one of my puppets in a Red Riding Hood costume, surrounded by trees based partly on my papercuts and partly on scenic painting I’ve done in the past.

So if you’re scared to do something, do just go for it, but also know that whatever you do before you get up the courage will make your creations all the more individual when the time comes.


New Website!

Robynmade header
I decided that it was time to move on from my old blog, so here I am with a brand shiny new website!
I’m looking forward to filling it with lots of lovely creations for you to see.

Recent papercuts

“This day I will marry my friend, the one I laugh with, live for, dream with and love”


My new ‘thing’ is drawing portraits, it’s a really nice challenge to try and capture people on paper.

A fairy story

Everything’s Changing

Everything’s changing around here. 

I’ve resigned from my Duty Managing job, my safety net, so now I am totally reliant on freelance work, which is terrifying and thrilling in equal measure.
We’re also moving a week today to a beautiful flat with a garden and a garage. It’s just down the road, but might just totally change our lives for the better.
The changes are so positive but still I’m totally thrown by them. Why that is I don’t know, I’m just hopeless with change. 
One day maybe we’ll move to somewhere like the house I’ve drawn here, but I think it may be a while. Unless we’re really brave and venture beyond the M25!

Weaving for little ones

My Preschoolers produced some lovely dreamcatcher style weavings this morning. To make some at home just cut out circles of card, cut slits of varying depths in them, then use the slits to thread yarns through.
A really nice introduction to threading for little hands, enjoy!

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