Lo-fi love

Pinner leaflet straightened

This post was inspired by this video being tweeted by Doodlers Anonymous (who are fab by the way and well worth following on twitter if you are a twittery type)

The video is a brilliant animation using transparencies and the real world. It’s inspired, please do watch it.

I’m a big fan of everything lo fi. I can appreciate fancy pants photoshopped work, it takes a lot of skill to produce. But really, the images that I love most are the ones made by hand.

I like to see the fingerprint of the artist, I like to hear the tuning up of the band.

I miss that in some new illustrations. Spot the dog books are an example, the style is totally flat colour, which now would be done on the computer, and appear ‘perfect’. In old spot books you can see some slight irregularities because it was coloured by hand. I love those irregularities.

Maybe I’m trying to console myself for not owning photoshop, for having to import logos onto my leaflet designs by printing them out, cutting them out and sticking them down with glue (I made the leaflet pictured here by doing just that!) But I think that actually I just love the imperfections, I love the handmade and homemade and lo fi. I trained in theatre after all!

You’ll be able to find me and my imperfect pictures at Duckpond Market on the 13th June.

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