Turning myself into an illustrator – part two.

So I’ve been drawing, I’ve drawn my children, my husband, my neighbour’s cats, furniture, plants, unsuspecting members of the public… I’ve filled two sketchbooks since January and I’m loving it.
A few story ideas have emerged which I’ve very tentatively started to storyboard and develop characters for. I’ve also developed a love of comic strips and have started to express the frustrations of my days through them!
I’m hoping things are about to step up a notch though because I’ve enrolled on some courses. After Easter I will spend six Saturdays at Chelsea School of Art studying children’s book illustration, then in July I’m going to spend a week at Cambridge Art School’s children’s book illustration summer school.
I’ve wanted to do the Chelsea course for a couple of years, and am itching to get started. The one in Cambridge is even more exciting though, it’s like a taster for their highly regarded MA course, has some brilliant lecturers and the opportunity to hob nob with some industry types on the final day.
One day I’d love to do the MA, but for now the prospect of spending a whole week there focussing on my illustration and getting feedback on my work is just thrilling.
The aim of both courses is to produce a dummy picture book-something to send out to publishers and agents to demonstrate your ideas, so hopefully, come September I’ll have at least two book dummies to send out.
I should also have a reasonable portfolio of work by then to apply for the MA, and then who knows…
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