Turning myself into an Illustrator

So here we are, 2015. I’ve still got many things on my to do list from the beginning of 2014. Some things are still there from 2013. I should give up and delete them but they give me a strange sense of security…

My overarching plan for this year though is to start taking drawing really seriously. To try and start walking single mindedly down the path to becoming an illustrator.

It took me a very long time to be brave enough to show my drawings to the world, I talked about that here. But now I’ve done a couple of exhibitions, sold some prints, turned my images into cushions and mugs and badges and cards and kits (available here!) and that’s been great, I’m really proud of the little range I’ve created. But I really want to illustrate children’s books and if I’m going to make that happen I’m going to have to focus on it.

dad and daughter


So this year there probably won’t be more kits and cushions (there may be prints and cards though) because when I’m not working on commissions and theatre designing I’m going to be drawing.

To start with I’m just going to draw whatever is in front of me, from life. From all that drawing maybe a story will eventually emerge. These are some of the drawings I’ve done so far, all super quick scribbles because no one sits still for long here. I’m really enjoying scribbling away and seeing what happens.



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