When I’ve not been drawing I’ve been…

…painting stacks of 1950s posters for a show called ‘Play Mas’ at Orange Tree Theatre.

…planning lots of messy craft activities for the group I’m going to be running each Monday morning after Easter.

…meeting with the director of the all male ‘Pirates of Penzance’ that I designed which is going on a UK tour after Easter. (It’s going to Cambridge Arts Theatre which is where I had my first ever theatre job – selling ice creams – and where I met my husband!)

…designing an illustration for the Pirates programme, and making props including a pirate’s map and a crows nest.

…answering questions from pupils at an infant school as part of their arts week (including ‘are you famous?’ and ‘do you copy your pictures from the computer?!?!)

…designing a papercut commemorating a lovely long marriage and a portrait of a building commemorating a lovely long career.

IMG_4723 IMG_4725 IMG_4730 IMG_4746 IMG_4753 IMG_4755 IMG_4757 IMG_4764


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